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Project coordinator Internationalization
GO! School District Brussels
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Scholengroep Brussel is one out of 26 school groups with administrative power within the GO! system.

GO!’s organization chart

GO! is organized by the public body called “GO! onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap”. GO! Flemish community Education provides free education for all pupils, whatever their age, origins, religious or philosophical conviction. It is one of the three main educational networks in Flanders and is administered on three levels: the schools (local), the school groups (regional) and the GO! Council (central level). It is supported by administrative and pedagogic services, under the supervision of a managing director, located in Brussels.  

The pedagogic services act as critical friends and offer support-on-the-job for teachers and guidance on a management level. They are responsible for the development of the curricula. In addition, they try to stimulate all kinds of innovative projects in education. These services also include an in-service training department that offers all kinds of training and courses to teachers, principals and other members of personnel.  

The real administrative power belongs to the school groups, Scholengroep Brussel being one of them. It manages all GO! education institutions in the Brussels-Capital Region, consisting of 33 nurseries, 36 pre-school kindergarten and primary schools, 17 secondary schools (general, technical and vocational training), 6 part-time art schools, 2 centres of adult education and special education schools. We have about 2.400 personnel members and 23.000 pupils. The school group is managed by a general director, a board of governors and a board of principals.  

Our Mission

GO! Flemish Community Education is actively pluralist and strives towards maximum benefit from learning, full personality development, social responsibility and personal well-being for all. We intend to achieve this by:

  • Organising and offering diversified, high-quality education that is well-spread geographically and accessible to all;
  • Actively striving towards the ideal of the Extended School, in close cooperation with all our stakeholders;
  • The democratic build-up and continuous development and optimisation of our education;
  • Stimulating innovative views on education, if justified and realistic, and beneficial to our basic mission.

Our Vision

GO! Scholengroep Brussel has a clear vision of what the school of the future implies:

  • offering high-quality education to a cultural mix of pupils and students.
  • being a pluralist entity, it reflects the entire society and strives towards equal education opportunities.
  • It focuses on civil life in the broadest sense and everyone’s well-being at the centre.It opens up to the outside world, providing opportunities for lifelong learning.
  • The school of the future is fully integrated into society, maintaining close ties with the business world and the various cultural, social and economic actors.
  • The teachers’ goal is to inspire, guiding the pupils through an ambitious learning process that aims at the acquisition of maximum benefit from learning, taking into account the skills, fields of interest and individual learning capacities of every individual.  

Our Project for Teaching and Learning (PPGO!)

Our project for Teaching and Learning (so-called PPGO!, Dutch acronym for ‘Pedagogisch Project van het GO!’, contains all of GO!’s basic principles, core values and general objectives. It is essential for students to reflect objectively and consciously about their actions and to make wise decisions. We aim to tutor each pupil’s entire personality. Our PPGO! is the result of sound democratic management, based on insight, understanding and participation.  

Education should avoid excessive standardisation. Special attention is given to the acquisition of an unbiased and creative view on man, nature and society. Each person is unique: that is why we want every pupil’s individual features to bloom in all educational situations. This implies, among other things, equal opportunities for pupils of equal ability.  

GO! Scholengroep Brussel educates youngsters to become socially involved, eco-friendly and tolerant, with a broad-based interest in cultural events, both at home and abroad.  

GO! Scholengroep Brussel is bound to a neutral and respectful attitude towards the philosophical, ideological and religious beliefs of pupils and parents. It allows students either to attend lessons in moral ethics or one of the following religions: Roman Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, Anglican, Orthodox or Protestant. Instructing youngsters how to cope with this diversity gives our teaching activities added value.  

Our PPGO! Focuses on values such as respect, tolerance, equality, openness and solidarity.  

Equal education rights

Scholengroep Brussel offers free education to all pupils, whatever their background and socio-economic situation. We keep a close record of our school population in order to provide the best quality education for each pupil. Records show that we have an average of about 70% of disadvantaged pupils based on the GOK-indicators (Gelijke OnderwijsKansen = equal education opportunities). These indicators include the home language, beneficiaries of education allowances (low income), the mother’s education level and whether the pupil is resident in his own family home. Schools are attributed extra GOK and SES (socio-economic status) hours on the basis of these indicators in order to engage staff to provide better support to these pupils.

Internationlization GO! Onderwijs van de Vlaamse Gemeenschap

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